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Henry Segal

Documentary/Experimental Filmmaking

Little Big Shot

A profile of five-year-old table tennis prodigy, Allen Mao, with expert commentary

The Slideshow

A Look into the Curling Club of Houston.

Director's Cut: The Director's Cut

The best "clips from a director's "cut"

This is Audible (teaser)

A look into Audible's influences and impact, featuring an interview with founder and chairman, Don Katz

Little Big Shot in the press

Prescott Pressure Cooker

A (hopefully) comedic interview series I produced to capture scenes from high school


Motion Picture Club

James Corden
Interview Highlights

Nick Bernstein
Interview Highlights

James Talking about
The Motion Picture Club

Other Club Events with Guest Speakers


Breakfast with subject of 
Deli Man documentary, Ziggy Gruber


Deli Man Director, Erik Anjou


Catfish Director's
Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman


Steve Bellamy,
President of Kodak's
Film Division


Speech at 52:14

Operation Entebbe

Salternative Lifestyle

Nobles (Royals Parody)

This Is Untiled

Inaugural Addresses


LIVE with Kelly and Ryan


Houston Chronicle

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