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Over 400 total sessions booked with Student-Teacher!

Student-Teacher is a service designed to support a school's faculty by providing virtual engagement with their children. Faculty members may sign their children up for sessions, during which the kids will engage with a high school student (from the teachers’ school) over a video call. While these sessions could be used to help with any schoolwork, the student-teachers can undertake anything from reading a book to playing a game such as Simon Says. An art lesson, coding instruction, or simple exercises are also a possibility! Depending on the child's needs, any form of activity or engagement can be requested. This service is designed for faculty children, ages 3-12; the children do not need to attend the teacher’s school to participate. Each session should be for half the amount of the host school’s periods (i.e. 30 minute sessions if the school has 60 minute periods). However, teachers can book as many sessions as they deem necessary.

*Student-Teacher is currently exploring the uses of their program both outside of the school year and outside of the current COVID precautions*

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